Contact Lens FAQ

Are you considering contact lenses to help solve a vision problem? It’s common to have a lot of questions about contacts and the process. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we at Santee Vision Care Center Optometry in Santee, CA, encounter, and what you should know about contacts.


Do I Need Another Eye Exam to Get Contacts?

Yes. Contact lenses need to fit your eyes very precisely, so size, curvature, and other factors are important. You will need a contact lens exam to take some eye measurements and discuss your goals for contact lenses so that our optometrist in Santee can find the best fit for you.

Will Someone Teach Me How to Use Contacts?

Yes! You will be shown how to put in and take out your contacts, along with how to properly clean and store them. You can practice as much as you want in the clinic until you are comfortable using them. You don’t have to learn anything on your own.

Do Contact Lenses Hurt?

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable putting something in your eyes, especially at first. However, contact lenses are specifically designed to fit your eyes and should not hurt. If your contact lenses do bother your eyes, that’s a sign that they aren’t properly inserted, or something else is wrong.

Can I Sleep in My Contact Lenses?

Extended wear contact lenses are designed to be worn for longer periods, including while sleeping. However, this can also increase your risk of eye infection. Make sure to talk to our eye doctor about taking out contact lenses, and if you are interested in extended wear options.

What Age Is Best to Start Using Contacts?

This entirely depends on your unique situation. Some parents start letting their kids wear contact lenses early on, typically when the child is ten years of age. Others wait until they feel like the time is right. Talk with our optometry professional about what age is right for your situation.

I Have Dry Eyes. Can I Still Use Contacts?

Talk to our eye doctor about any concerns with dry eyes. Certain types of contacts are designed to be more permeable than others. We may suggest eye drops and other solutions to keep your eyes comfortable.

Reach to Us If You Have More Questions

Do you have more questions about contacts, or what solution would be best for you? Contact Dr. Grazian at Santee Vision Care Center Optometry today to learn more. We are your premier optometrist in Santee. The number to call is 619-562-5220. 

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