Visit Your Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam if You are Experiencing Gradual Loss of Vision

It is normal for people to experience age-related eye conditions as they reach middle age. Presbyopia is one of those conditions. Although the name may make it sound like a serious condition, it is simply not being able to see objects up close very well. It may sound like being farsighted, but the two conditions are actually different. Visit Santee Vision Care Center Optometry in Santee, CA to learn more if you are experiencing gradual loss of vision.


Being Farsighted vs. Presbyopia in Middle Age

Those who are farsighted have a misshaped eyeball. The misshaped eyeball focuses the light rays that enter the eye incorrectly. Presbyopia, however, sets in when the natural lens of the eye is not as flexible as it used to be.

The Symptoms of Presbyopia and Other Age-Related Eye Conditions

If it is starting to feel a little more difficult to read up close, presbyopia may be setting in. Your vision may become blurry at a regular reading distance. Headaches and fatigue may occur when doing work up close. Reading material may need to be held at arm's length to not be blurry.

Should I Visit My Eye Doctor?

Absolutely! An annual eye exam is very important, especially as you reach middle age. Our optometrist will be able to diagnose presbyopia during a regular eye exam. There is no cure for this condition, but there are many options for improving it.

The most logical option will likely involve getting eyeglasses. If you already wear glasses, bifocals may be in order. These glasses are made to help you view things at a distance at the top of the lens and up-close near the bottom. Progressive lenses are another option. These are similar to bifocals, but there is a gradual transition between the two parts of the lens.

If glasses don’t sound great to you, consider contact lenses or KAMRA Inlay. Multifocal or monovision lenses can help with presbyopia. KAMRA Inlay is an implant that is placed in the eye. Ask our eye doctor for more information about dealing with Presbyopia. Dr. Grazian would be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your gradual loss of vision.

Help with Presbyopia in Santee

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